The LUG Manipal, of which I am a part, is holding a “Linux OpenWeek” here from the 23rd of March. As the name suggests it’s an entire week on Linux. We are an all student body and are just a year old.  In the past, we’ve held install fests, workshops on Python , PHP etc. This is the first major event that we are holding.

We will start with an install fest that features Fedora 10 😀 , with a local repo on a DVD that contains updates/other packages that users will need.

We will give the attendees Fedora Stickers ( from the artwork page ), Installation media etc.

The week has been divided into:

Introductory Open Source talk and Week introduction : Day 1

Install Fest : Day 2,3

User’s day : Day 4

Developer’s Day : Day 5,6

Hackathon, Free discussion : Day 7

Read more on this here :

This is the package list for the repo :

We’ve just put up the teaser for the event.

LUGM OpenWeek Teaser

LUGM OpenWeek Teaser

All comments are welcome !!!!

Thank you everyone who have  helped us ( already ! ). Since the event is still in development, I’m going to be needing lots more ;).