I’ve just come off #fedora..

This is what I was helping out with.. Installing ndiswrapper on a machine without access to the internet..

What a PAIN!!

Hunt mirrors for the packages matching the kernel.. Then , there are deps that also need to be downloaded..

Go search for them , more mirrors..

Ask the person on the other side to get them.. Never happens in the first try.. Today it took 3 attempts to successfully install ndiswrapper..

All this while youve got to be careful that the deps etc are right, and that the right files have been downloaded, at the other end.. Ndiswrapper had 3 files needed. I found two of them on the mirrors and one using RPMbone.. It’s taken me time before.. Today it took almost TWO hours to help this guy set it up..

The only thing that’s worth this war is the satisfaction that you get when you get this, “It works!! :D”

Guess that’s how we work.. lol.. cheers all..