The Open Week came to an end today. It was a busy week, and met with more success than what we had anticipated. Here’s a short event report.

The week was aimed at teaching linux newbies how to use a fedora system for development and more importantly on a day to day basis. (We need to get them to use Fedora before we can get them to contribute). We saw a total of 95 registrations.

Day 1 was the “kick off” and saw 65 people in the audience.The IRC was introduced to the audience. Most of them used it for the first time in their lives. We had Rahul from Fedora-India take out time to take a session on OpenSource software and a How-to on “Contributing to Fedora”. This was new and as expected, Rahul had a lot of queries to clear. We had pamphlets distributed that contained brief notes on “using the IRC” and on “how to partition your hard disk” (since vista gives a headache for shrinking and partitioning) to help them prepare their systems for the Install fest next day.

Day 2 -3 : Fedora 10 install fest :
The audience was given a fedora install kit that consisted of a fedora 10 unity dvd, a local repo and a fedora sticker set. We installed Fedora 10 unity on 80 new systems and updated/installed new packages to make the system usable (ATI, mkinitrd etc). We did have trouble shrinking partitions etc (aargh!!) but at the end of the day, Fedora was up and running on all systems. The next day was consumed in installation of codecs, packages which we were to flaunt in the upcoming days.

Day 4 : was set aside for making the audience comfortable with fedora as a daily usable distro. YUM was introduced, its working explained. The audience was taught how to look for packages and the different flags that yum has and how to use them. We gave them an in depth “hands on” session on the terminal, man pages, commands followed by a brief review of packages such as browsers, chat clients, email clients, media players etc. which need to be used on a day to day basis. The audience was overjoyed to find the list of apps they had to choose from for any purpose. A quick session on Linux games featuring Extremetuxracer, Alienarena, bloodfrontier, torcs and more added to the awe.

Days 5 and 6 were kept aside for those interested in development and saw an expected decrease in attendence. The two days featured packages that these people could use for coding in the languages of their choice. VIM , gcc , gdb, geany, IDEs (K Develop,Fedora Eclipse .. ) were introduced and examples on various coding languages taken. They were shown techniques that made coding easy and convinient.

I’ll put up pics shortly.

I thank the Fedora community, specially the folks from Fedora India for their help on the event 🙂