I wrote this post for the LUGManipal blog. This post is meant to be for people not aware of Preupgrade yet.

Preupgrade has been around for quite sometime now. This post is intended to make everyone aware of Preupgrade’s existence and to answer any queries regarding it.

What is Preupgrade?

Downloading a new Fedora release, burning the DVD and reinstalling the entire thing is very time taking and requires enough bandwith . Preupgrade is an application that allows you to upgrade to the latest Release without having to do the above mentioned steps. It only downloads updates to packages that you have installed on your system in the background, and runs the final upgrade once this is done. Hence, it saves time, bandwith.



There’s also the “icon way” of upgrading, ie, no terminal needed.


The LUG will have the DVD media too. Interested people may please contact us.

The F11 preview DVD is available with us. Please refer :