I’ve been coding in C for sometime. Been working on a command line app for twitter (I couldn’t find one). I’ve made something and it barely works. It’s under heavy development (whatever I keep doing with it all day that is).

Currently, it sends,receives updates,replies to them and retweets. Really a bare minimum. I’m working on it , learning a lot of new things in the process, and hope to make it a full fledged twitter client for terminal lovers such as me. It uses libcurl,ncurses,libxml2.

It’s available here. It’s not even an Alpha. I call it the “bare-just-works” release. It doesn’t break systems, if that’s what youre thinking. Please give it a try and provide feedback at sanjay DOT ankur AT gmail DOT com. If you have the time to go through the source and can advise me on better ways of implementing what I’ve done, please do. I’m still a novice!

It still doesn’t have Unicode support. I’m learning how to implement that in C and it’s on the “To-do” list. Please read through the README before trying it.