A great, great mail at the Ambassador’s mailing list. A big step in the OpenSource movement.


Dear All,

I thought let me share you the efforts of people like us and success
story , the introduction of open source mainly LINUX is now part of
official syllabus of Gujarat 12th standard computer subject.

Here are some Q/A with Mr. Harshal Arolkar.

Behalf of VGLUG I got chance to have small Q/A with Mr. Harshal
Arolkar ( He is a part of committee and played lead role in
designing the text book for Gujarat 12 th standard Computer
subject ). Due to their team efforts now open source is a part of
computer subject in 12th standard in Gujarat. */

Don’t you thing this is a great moment for all who are promoting
Linux and opens ource and a major step in Gujarat for Open source
movement ??

Excited !!! well here are the questions the answers are at


Although after some conversation I added few more questions.

Many many Thanks to Mr. Harshal Arolkar.

Nilesh Vaghela
Redhat Channel Partner and Training Partner