Well, I can’t keep myself from coding even during my endsems.. Got just the one left.. JAVA.. and with questions like the one my Java Challenge post showed, I really don’t think I have much of a chance..

Here’s my app again.. Made some improvements.. Elementary.. Will work full time on it once the last exam’s done with.

Improvements (if you can call them that) :

  1. Remember username password. All you gotta do is make that file and put it in there.
  2. Improved the send reply and update interfaces a little bit. It’s now got character counting.
  3. Handled most of the errors. This is still in progress. As more and more modules keep getting added, I’ll keep doing this.

Please try it out and give your comments/advice. Please keep in mind that I still am a noob  ..

It’s not a release yet since it isn’t finished completely. It’s so people can try it out and tell me change things/improve things before I do too much.


Please do read the README before you start.