Ha!! It’s finally done..

For those of you who haven’t read my earlier rants on the topic, Twit-tui is a cli twitter client. I’ve been working on it as a hobby to teach myself app. development. I’ve reached a stage where I’m going to stop adding to it. Here are the features that I’ve implemented in it. They seem enough 🙂

– Status updates recieve/send/delete/reply/retweet
– Direct messages send/receive/delete
– autologin ( a simple conf file is needed )
– proxy support (i haven’t had time to test this)

There are more features that could have been included. I’m leaving them for the future ( if i have the time and interest ).

The interface is pretty simple, I haven’t put too much time in making it too flashy.

It’s under the GPL v2 so feel free to edit it etc.

Please give it a try (and change it to suit your needs).It’s a very simple app. If you want me to make changes (add stuff etc) please drop me an email at and I’ll see what I can do.

Please read the README before proceeding.

The tar : http://ankursinha.fedorapeople.org/twit_tui/twit_tui-1.0.tar.bz2

I’m looking forward to advice and tips from all coders who give it a try.. Learning is the actual intention here …

Cheers 🙂