Folks, this is just a rant!!

I was supposed to take a 6 a.m. train to Kolkata. A plane from Kolkata to Bangalore at 4p.m. and a bus at 10 to reach Manipal(college) early tomorrow morning. I’m sitting at home writing you this. Why??? Aha!! A very interesting and !@#$%^&* story. Looks like they thrashed up an MLA (Member of Legislative Assemble) in West Bengal. Hence, politicians (who have nothing to do) announced a 12 hour “Bandh” from dawn to dusk. Now, a “Bandh” in West Bengal is very special. I’ll tell you why:

People , supposedly party supporters, take to the streets and SCREW UP everything. For example, my train would not have been allowed to enter West Bengal. They stop you in the middle of NO WHERE on the state border. You can either get off and go back (somehow, fly I guess) or wait in the damn train until people get off the track at the end of the “Bandh”.Last time this happened,the train my father was travelling in, (unfortunately to Kolkata) got held up for a full 24 hours!! Even if I did make it to Howrah by train, there would be no mode of transport to reach the airport. Another example, they stop the buses, make the people get out, and then torch the bus. How romantic!!! Bloody @#$%^&* !!!!

All of last night, we sat up trying to figure out a way to make me reach the airport. ( A 3 hour drive in the middle of the night was an option, rejected because roads during a “Bandh” are not safe. The above example would clarify this.) Ultimately, after discussion with a lot of his friends etc., dad directed me to reschedule my flight, my train and my bus ticket. So, I’ve now paid 8000Rs for a flight that I had initially paid 3000Rs for. I luckily or not so luckily managed to get one of the last two seats of a bus (lucky because I got a seat,not so luckily because these are the *BEST* seats in the house), and the best part is, it’s because some body got thrashed somewhere!! This is apart from a new train ticket :).”I’m soooo soo damn happy! ”

I feel better now, not so much because all my plans are nothing less than DEAD. I reach college on a Sunday, when virtually, I can do no work apart from shopping for toilitaries(Toothpaste and soap.. 10 minutes). Airtel would be closed, so I can’t apply and get my internet. Hero Honda would be closed, so can’t get my bike serviced. Everything in Mangalore would be closed, so I can’t get the new charger for my laptop. And classes begin Monday! *Hurrah*!!

If these people had wasted this time on something constructive, the world would certainly be at a higher standard today.