Okay, this post is to do with my life out of the Fedora community.

Here’s a mail I got from CodeChef . The contest is only for Indian students this time, and weirdly enough falls right in between my end sem exams. 😦

Hi Ankur,
I’m writing to let you know about the CodeChef Campus SnackDown, our biggest contest ever, specifically for Indian college students.


The details of the contest are included below:

· ACM ICPC style contest with two rounds

o   Round 1: Online Programming Contest on 21st Nov. 2009, Saturday 4pm-9pm

o   Round 2: In Person programming contest on 10th Jan. 2010, Saturday

· Students can form teams of three

· The team which performs best in your college will be recognized on CodeChef

· The top teams from all over India will be flown down to Mumbai for the in person round

· Prizes of Rs 3 lakhs in cash to be won!!

So go ahead and ask your members to register their teams here: http://www.codechef.com/teams/register/SNACKDWN

We have given the details about the contest on our blog: http://blog.codechef.com/2009/10/27/the-super-gigantic-mega-announcement/


Basil Skariah

The poster can be found here: