ah, simple, yum install skype- should do it for me.. But wait!! What do we have here?? It installed without pulling in ANY deps, and obviously skype din’t work. Errors: “missing this missing that!!”

Now I’m sitting here running alternating “yum installs” and “yum whatprovides” to try and manually install the deps.  And, yeah, since it’s an i586 package, I’m installing i686 packages to support it on my x86_64 system. Talk about trouble!

Already, my webcam module wont build. Dunno how they manage to build it here http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=160117&page=3

It doensn’t build ( as you can see from my repeated cries on the thread )

Guess it’s a bad day to install stuff 😐



Steps (from my comment below):

yum install qt-x11-4.5.3-9.fc12.i686

yum install qt-4.5.3-9.fc12.i686

yum install libXScrnSaver-1.2.0-1.fc12.i686

yum install libXv-1.0.5-1.fc12.i686

yum install alsa-lib-1.0.21-3.fc12.i686

and after all this, it functions with an error (doesnt cause any harm though) which requires

yum install alsa-plugins-pulseaudio-1.0.21-2.fc12.i686