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People present (lines said)
1. franciscod (208)
2. mbuf (141)
3. jdk2588 (37)
4. skbohra (37)
5. Pradipta (31)
6. rakesh (29)
7. kushal (17)
8. sm|CPU (8)
9. sankarshan (7)
10. Acedip (5)
11. kishan_ (3)
12. kishan (2)
13. zodbot (2)
14. kedars_ (1)
15. rajeshr (1)
16. rtnpro (1)
17. yevlempy (1)


There were two topics on the agenda as posted on the mailing list:
– F12 release events
– Tamil team
– During the course of the meeting, we decided to discuss the issue of
“people becoming Fedora Ambassadors and not carrying out their duties as
required” also.

Minutes –
Release events:

– Planned at MIT Manipal, early January (Ankur Sinha)
– Release party, install fests at Bikaner (Jaideep)
– Plans to migrate 100 desktops of Coal India to fedora12 (Pradipta)

Tamil team discussion:
Postponed (next meeting?)

Discussion over fedora ambassadorship

– Making sure that blogs of *every* Ambassador is on

– some sort of system to prevent people from signing up (because its
ultra cool) and then not working.
– make a nice proposal and send it for discussion and whatever be the
result send it to FEMSco for approval
– ideas, such as an Ambassador should be participating in at least one
Fedora subgroup (ie docs/packaging/design/websites…)

– Mentoring to make sure newbies holding release fests know what to say
ie – *correct content* (since they’re short on experience, we don’t want
them saying stuff that is different from the community’s working etc.)
– Setting up a wiki page and supplying people with updated slides and
material to be used at release fests.

– collecting feedback after a Fedora event from the audience (ideas
needed on how to go about doing this).

– regular IRC meets : fortnightly *at least*

– good install fests never turning into sustained activities : why??


These are only ideas in short. Please go through the meeting logs
provided above.

There’s quite a lot of work to be done.

– I’m in-charge of rounding up all “FAs from India”‘s blogs and making
sure they’re on the planet.
– Slides etc? (any hands ??)

There are also agendas that still need more discussion. Future meets or
discussions on the mailing list are needed.

Thank you all for attending 🙂

Have a nice evening


PS Also forwarding the the ambassadors list.