Personally, I’m a FOSS lover. But that doesn’t make me a “Microsoft hater”. It’s a good OS, I just prefer to use Linux , Fedora.

Having said that, this blog post is going to show you how irresponsible Microsoft can be.

Some background:: I’m a 5th sem student at Manipal Institute of technology, Manipal, India . My end semester exams just got over yesterday, so technically I’m in 6th sem now 😉 The exams were scheduled (for CSE and IT branches )from the 14th to the 24th of November, following which we have a winter break before college reopens on the 4th of January next year. Since it’s impossible to get tickets at the last moment, the entire class (that’s 150 people from computer science and another 60-70 from the IT branch) had reservations to head home asap after the 24th. So, I had a bus ticket for the night of the 24th to Bangalore and a flight to New Delhi the same evening.

The event:: Then!! One fine day, an announcement is made that Microsoft’s coming to college on the 29th-30th of Nov to test/interview us and take “the best” as interns. Needless to say, anyone interested would have to stay back after the exams. Well, helter-skelter  we went, rescheduling trains, buses, flights. A few days later, the date is rescheduled to the 26th -27th. Okay, no biggie, wasting a few days is okay. Yesterday, on the 24th , two days before the supposed interview, Microsoft isn’t coming at all!!! WTF???? How does that work? Aren’t they supposed to take some sort of responsibility? Causing a hundred and fifty students to reschedule and waste money ( cost me more than 1500 Rs to get my flight rescheduled ) and then leaving us hanging here when we should be at home enjoying holidays? It’s preposterous not to forget thoroughly UNPROFESSIONAL. Such a company wants to rule the software market? Haha.. joke.

I’m still in college and don’t have much of an experience of the “corporate world”. BUT, I really din’t expect it to be like this. Still hard to digest. Have a good day!