The soft pencils down date has passed. I’m to submit a report soon. I thought I’d blog one first 😉

Here’s the complete package list that I’ve worked on, with their current statuses. There is a huge dependency chain here. Most of the packages require their build deps to be packaged first.

Package Status
Aeskulap Packaged
ANTs Spec in progress. Waiting on ITK.
bio-formats Spec in progress. Waiting on omero
bioimagexd Spec in progress
Conquest Patched makefile to add support for different data bases. Spec in progress
dcm4che Review in progress
dcm4che-test Packaged. Was required for dcm4che
elmer-eio Needs reviewer
elmer-fem Needs reviewer
elmer-elmergrid Needs reviewer
elmer-hutiter Needs reviewer
elmer-matc Needs reviewer
elmer-meshgen2d Needs reviewer
fiji Bad license. Review closed WONTFIX
freediams Review in progress
FreeMat Review in progress
freemedforms Packaged
Ginkgo-CADx Needs reviewer
gnumed Packaged
GoFigure2 Needs reviewer
klt Packaged. Build dep for VXL
kradview Needs reviewer
ledgersmb Spec in progress Needs Reviewer. Took over review from Rakesh
libtpcimgio Packaged. Build dep for xmedcon
libtpcmisc Packaged. Build dep for xmedcon
mayam Waiting on dcm4che
metis Bad License. Review closed WONTFIX
mood-track Ruby package. I got no clue on how to do this. Later
nifticlib Packaged. Build dep for xmedcon
omero Spec in progress. In dialogue with upstream
o-palm Needs reviewer
opendental Mono package. Later
openemr Needs reviewer. Took over review from Rakesh
OpenHRE Spec in progress
OpenNL Packaged. Build dep for vmtk
OSGI-bundle-ant-task Packaged. Build dep for bio-formats
python-hl7 Packaged
tetgen Review in progress. Probably a WONTFIX. Bad license
toothchart Packaged
vmtk In review. Depends on vxl
xmedcon Packaged


Packaged: 13

In review (or needs reviewer): 16

Wasted: 2

The rest are still in progress: Either waiting for a build dependency to be approved, or in dialogue with upstream over the build process.

I’ve done a couple of reviews as well, swaps etc. but since they aren’t all fedora-medical related, I won’t include them here.

EDIT- Aug 21: Added links to bug reports needing reviewer 😉