Hello Fedorians!

We need you to make a recommendation for the APAC FUDCon ASAP:
If you haven’t already, please read Robyn’s mail to the fudcon-planning
list[1] stressing that the APAC FUDCon will need to be deferred to next
year if a decision is not made quickly. It makes perfect sense, since
the period for FUDCon APAC is March 1 – May 31, which is almost upon us,
leaving us hardly any time to organize the event. 
We’d like to call an emergency meeting tomorrow at 0400UTC (Sunday, 26th
February 0400UTC at #fedora-meeting) with only one agenda in mind: “Make
a concrete recommendation to FAmSCo on FUDCon APAC”. If we fail to
decide on a location, the default recommendation is “Defer to 2013
date -d 'Sun 26 Feb 2012 0400 UTC'
If you are the owner of one of the bids[3],[4],[5], it is imperative you
attend this meeting to market your bid. Please do also go through your
bid pages and add all the information you can, up to date.
I’ve also created a wiki page here[2] that you can use to submit your
recommendations. Please try to attend the meeting, if you cannot, you
are welcome to make a recommendation on the list here or to use the
All of this should’ve been done much earlier, but it still isn’t too
late. Please try to have your recommendations in by 26th Feb 2359UTC
date -d 'Sun 26 Feb 2012 2359 UTC'
(Thanks Joerg !! 🙂 )
Things you should be looking at:
  •  Location
  •  Travel costs
  •  Local public transport
  •  Accomodation
  •  Venue
  •  Safety
  •  Bid cost transparency
  •  Thorough bid planning
  •  Additional info