2013-02-22 12.25.52

I finally got down to getting my infrastructure set up to send out media here in Australia. I’ve bought and burnt the DVDs already. I went out to the post office today and found out what the cheapest method of mailing single DVDs would be. Here’s a cost breakup:

Item Cost per unit Quantity Total cost
DVDs 14/25 = 0.56 AUD 25 14 AUD
Envelopes 0.36 AUD* 100 36 AUD
Stamps 1.20 AUD 25 30 AUD

* The cost of a single envelope is 1.15AUD. I purchased a carton of 100 that gave me a “bulk buy” discount.

There weren’t any discounts on the stamps, so I didn’t see a point of buying too many of them now. I bought just enough for the current number of accepted tickets.

I had found a post somewhere which said that one could use “C5” envelopes for sending out media, and that it would be cheapest. I don’t think that’s what I’ve bought. When I enquired about the “C5”, the lady at the counter said that it would be paper, and the DVDs would be damaged since they’re passed through machines for processing. I decided to take her advice.

In comparison to India, this is slightly expensive. The cost of sending out a DVD in India using “Speed Post” was about INR 40, which is a little less than 1 AUD each. I could probably decrease my costs by buying DVDs in bulk too, or getting media pressed, but I’m not sure the quantities requested from here merit that much work 😉

If you’ve been waiting for your media, you should get it sometime next week!